Blade Chasis 5316 switch not uplinking RHEL4?

Brian Murphy murphy+pe at
Wed Jan 3 13:38:59 CST 2007

We have a PE1855 blade chasis with 8 blades.  The chasis has a pair of
5316 switches for the networking.  The switches have current firmware.

console> show version
SW version ( date  06-Mar-2006 time  09:27:03 )
Boot version ( date  16-Jan-2005 time  17:20:34 )
HW version    00.00.02

All was working well.

We recently added 2 new PE1955 blades into the remaining 2 slots.  RHEL
4 U3 installed fine.  The 1955 with RHEL4.3 can talk with other blades
within the chasis but the switch isn't passing traffic thru the uplink
to other servers on the same subnet who are external to the blade

The switch port settings for the 1955 slots are identical to the working
1855 blades.  The 1855 blades talk to external hosts fine.

Any ideas?  I tried to google for an answer and came up with nothing.



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