FW: E752x error registers

Peter Kjellstrom cap at nsc.liu.se
Wed Jan 3 02:55:14 CST 2007

On Wednesday 03 January 2007 00:26, Gene Willingham wrote:
> Dec 19 18:00:53 switch1 kernel: Contact your BIOS vendor to see if the
> E752x error registers can be safely un-hidden
> Dec 19 18:00:53 switch1 kernel: e752x_edac: probe of 0000:00:00.0 failed
> with error -12

AFAIK, his can be safely ignored unless you want to use edac (advanced error 
reporting etc.).


> I am getting these errors on a Dell SC1425 running Fedora Core 5.  Does
> anyone know if this is a serious issue, or a feature that is disabled?  I
> have searched for this and only found developer discussions about the
> issue. I was unable to determine if I could ignore the error.
> >From what I have read, it may lead to kernel panics, and reboots. Clearly
> system reboots is something that I could not ignore.
> Thanks in advance.
> Gene
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