BIOS / firmware update CD?

Keith krbaker+dpe at
Tue Jan 2 14:01:30 CST 2007

Except not all of dell's updates come in floppy form to be PXE'd.  Some
are .iso's only.  While I can yank out the image from the boot blocks of
the CD-Rom I hate the need to do this for each and every update, not to
mention that each one needs a reboot an human intervention.  Currently I
have to dowload and setup a boot for each of these updates on my 2950s:

Dell BMC Core - Dell

Dell BMC Firmware

Dell SAS Backplane Firmware

Dell Server BIOS
 Dell PERC 5/i Integrated

Dell SAS Hard Drive Firmware Utility

That means building 6 pxe images and then booting that on 32 servers
meaning 192 reboots.  Not to mention that most of the updates need human
intervention (the don't just boot and install).  

I want to be able to download the "update" .iso/pxe image which updates
all of the bios's/firmwares in my system.  Preferably there would be a
kickstart like file which could be used to configure the iso/pxe image
as to which firwmare you wanted upgraded.

On Thu, 2006-12-14 at 17:29 -0500, J. Epperson wrote:
> On Thu, December 14, 2006 14:42, David Sparks wrote:
> > Everyone seems to be missing the point.  Other vendors have a single
> > bootable CD that contains BIOS' and firmware for all their hardware.  On
> > a single CD!
> >
> The point I was speaking to was the issue of how to do firmware updates on
> a farm of fresh hardware without having to load OS or even media on each. 
> That issue was specifically raised in the thread.  A pxeboot of MEMDISK
> with the firmware floppy image as the initrd addresses it.
> Your situation appears to be different.
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