DHCP and KickStart issue; PowerEdge 2950

Ray Van Dolson rvandolson at esri.com
Tue Jan 2 11:53:20 CST 2007

This issue seems to be mentioned in the following RHEL bugs:


Brief overview of problem:  I am running a KickStart CD via CD 1 (RHEL4).  My
installation sources are on an NFS server, so that is also passed as a boot
parameter.  It's a 100Mb network and the server is a 2950.

However, when Anaconda gets to the point where it attempts to acquire an IP
address via DHCP, generally pump times out and can't get an IP.  It's worked
one time -- after I walked away for an hour or so, came back, hit retry and it
magically got an IP, but I've never again been able to dupliate that success.

If I manually assign an IP it works fine.

Using ISC's dhcp client via rescue mode or once the OS installed works fine as

Per the bug reports above the suggestion is to either dis or enable Spanning
Tree / Port Fast on the switch port.  I'll have to put in a request for this,
but in my mind if it works with ISC without any changes to the switch, it
should work with pump.

Again, this is with RHEL4 (latest updates) so I feel like the patches
mentioned in the bugs above should already be applied since they are more than
a year old.  Maybe not though.

Just wondering if anyone on this list has run into this issue before and if so
how you resolved it.

Hopefully I can get a sniffer on the segment and see what's going on with the
DHCP packets on the wire -- pump vs ISC and maybe that'll get me pointed in
the right direction.


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