PE840: wake on lan, wake on ring

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The PE 840 uses an onboard Broadcom 5721J Controller. There is a
b57udiag utility that can be used from a DOS environment.

I believe the command to enabled WOL would be 

"b57udiag -w 1"

There may be a way to do it natively in Linux, but I am not familiar
with it. This is only at the NIC hardware level.

The network module you are loading would also have to support it.

Here is an article about it.

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Can anyone confirm that PE840:
1) cannot do wake on lan
2) cannot do wake on ring

If wol is possible, since I see no evidence of it in the BIOS setup,
does it
mean you have to enable it via nic settings only (ie: ethtool) and no
option is available to enable/disable it?

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