BIOS update for SC430

Marios Pittas marios_pittas at
Tue Dec 11 09:25:48 CST 2007

Hi there

We have a couple SC430 that I am trying to update
the bios of (to A04 from A02). For other PE's, I
would use the bootable CD's, hassle free even for
Linux newbies such as me. However, for the SC430
Dell is providing the binary at:

Have attempted to follow the clear instructions
that were provided in the page: download, switch
to init 1, change the file permissions to user
and executable and execute it. However, I get the
following error, when executing:

tail: cannot open '+78' for reading: No such file
or directory.

gzip: stin: not in gzip format

-------------- eo error message

The machines are using A02 Bios, software raid
(for both swap -- 1.5GB and ext3 -- 74GB), 1GB
RAM, 2x80GB Core 2 Duo, CentOS 5.1. Any pointers

Many thanks

-- Marios

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