Applying SAS firmware updates from debian, was: RE: Invalid XSL path, was: RE: OMSA Tools, Debian etch x64

Bryan Mclellan bryanm at
Mon Dec 10 17:06:31 CST 2007

What do you use to apply this?

When I get, I can get R168472.exe, the firmware for 'rhel5'. It's totally funny that it comes in the standard dell self-extracting exe. Inside theres a SAS5IRI.FW file and a DLLSASIR.ROM file that look promising.

I haven't been able to get the MegaCli[64] utilities to see the controller. ('rpm2cpio MegaCli-1.01.39-0.i386.rpm | cpio -idmv' produces both of these files. Both are statically compiled.)

When I run either with './MegaCli64 -adpcount' it reports no controllers found. Strace shows that it's looking for something in /proc/devices, I assume not finding what it wants to see.


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On Monday 10 December 2007 20:33:16 Bryan Mclellan wrote:
> Is it possible to upgrade the firmware on the controller from Linux

Yes. On you can get a firmware image for the SAS 5/iR
controller. Download the .BIN file for Red Hat. It will also work on debian


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