PE840: SAS 5/iR is RAID enabled on Linux?

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Wed Oct 4 10:08:10 CDT 2006

Yes the SAS 5/iR is just very light weight hardware RAID. It will allow
you to either mirror two drives or stipe to drives or use it as a
regular SAS controller on either Windows or Linux.

As an aside, if you don't mind spending alittle extra I would go with
the PERC though. It has RAID 5, 10, and 50 as well as hotspare
capabilities, the iR lacks all of these. If all you will ever need is a
RAID 1 or two disk RAID 0 then the iR will be fine. Anything more
complex will require the PERC.

Patrick Boyd
Dell Storage Software Engineer

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We will switch soon from PE830 to PE840 (didn't have an 840 on hand
yet), and I need to understand controllers driver requirements and

When I go to the Dell driver support page for PE840,  I'm offered 3
choices under "SAS RAID adapters"
	Dell PERC 5/E Adapter  (driven by megaraid_sas)
	Dell PERC 5/i Adapter   (driven by megaraid_sas)
	Dell SAS 5/iR Adapter   (driven by mpt* modules)

So, is the SAS 5/iR controller RAID capable on Linux?

In the tarball you can download, together with the mpt* stuff, there's a
lsiutil.c file which seems to contain RAID management commands.

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