PE840: SAS 5/iR is RAID enabled on Linux?

Giulio Orsero giulioo at
Wed Oct 4 03:50:59 CDT 2006

We will switch soon from PE830 to PE840 (didn't have an 840 on hand yet),
and I need to understand controllers driver requirements and features.

When I go to the Dell driver support page for PE840,  I'm offered 3 choices
under "SAS RAID adapters"
	Dell PERC 5/E Adapter  (driven by megaraid_sas)
	Dell PERC 5/i Adapter   (driven by megaraid_sas)
	Dell SAS 5/iR Adapter   (driven by mpt* modules)

So, is the SAS 5/iR controller RAID capable on Linux?

In the tarball you can download, together with the mpt* stuff, there's a
lsiutil.c file which seems to contain RAID management commands.

giulioo at

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