Debian/GNU Linux OMSA 5.1 package

sean finney sean at
Thu Nov 16 05:51:13 CST 2006

hi sander,

On Thu, 2006-11-16 at 10:39 +0100, Sander Keemink wrote:

> The new OMSA 5.1 has been debianized by Bas vd Vlies and myself.

that's great news. thanks for the work on this.  FYI: for those of
you who want to install the deb on an "amd64" system without having
to pass --force-architecture to dpkg:

        ar x $deb control.tar.gz
        mkdir control
        sudo tar xfz control.tar.gz -C control
        sudo sed -i -e 's/i386/amd64/' control/control
        sudo tar cfz ./control.tar.gz -C control .
        sudo rm -rf control
        ar r $deb control.tar.gz
        rm -f control.tar.gz
        rename s/i386/amd64/ $deb

this is mostly superficial, and it doesn't take into account the
additional dependencies (ia32-libs and lib32ncurses5, at least),
but it does allow you to create an apt-get'able deb.  and you
don't even need debian specific tools to do it.

also, i've been spending a bit of time trying to get something
a bit more modular based building debs from the actual rpms
with a 1:1 mapping.  i have the debs generated and they seem
to install, but there seem to be some issues i haven't worked
out yet as i can't get any of the services to start.  and i'm quickly
losing interest in continuing if someone is already providing something
that works :)

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