firmware version 1.98R is newer than 197O for PERC 3/DCL, per OMSA 5.1

Jerry Yu jjj863 at
Fri Dec 29 07:48:47 CST 2006

Yesterday I had OMSA 5.1 installed on a dell PE6650 server running CentOS
4.1.  'omreport storage controller' reported the PERC3/DCL controller in a
state of 'Degraded'. Nothing wrong with the single RAID 5 logical drive or
its physical disks (all with state=ready and status=OK).  Viewing the
system/status page via the "Managed Node Web Server",  it seems the only
complaint is that the firmware version for the main RAID controller is too
old. I upgraded it to the latest earlier in the year.  Searching the
server's ervice tag on Dell's support site confirmed that version 197O
(07/22/2004) is still the latest for PERC 3/DCL on a PE6650 as of a minute
So, here come two questions: is 1.98R truly newer than 197O?  If so, where
can I find it?

 Controller  PERC 3/DCL (Slot 5)

ID                                : 0
Status                            : Non-Critical
Name                              : PERC 3/DCL
Slot ID                           : PCI Slot 5
State                             : Degraded
Firmware Version                  : 197O
Minimum Required Firmware Version : 1.98R
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