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Make sure that you are using the latest firmware for the PERC 3/Di. You
should be at

Additionally depending on bad block locations on the disks you could
have lost data if sectors were not remapped. Please see my earlier
thread about running periodic consistency checks to help prevent this.
I'm not positive that this caused your RAID 5 to fail but it is a
possible explanation.

Patrick Boyd
Dell Storage Software Engineer

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Hi! We've 2 PE2650 with 3/Di controller under linux, and it's incredible
how the same day both fail with the same error!! In 6 months we've  had
to change 2 disks of one of this machines. Furthermore, raid5 didn't
work when one of the three disks fails and we have lost part of our
info. Has anybody had the same problem? Dell Technician who changed disk
didn't know any argument that can't explain this strange situation.

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