BIOS / firmware update CD?

David Sparks dave at
Wed Dec 27 19:32:25 CST 2006

Dyson, Tony wrote:
> Seem to have a workable solution for my Gentoo servers. Downloaded & 
> burned this CentOS 4.3 ISO:
> Added forward & reverse entries for hostname "centos" to internal DNS.
> Created a DHCP server to serve that one IP address.
> Used the autofs /net function to mount an NFS export of the current Dell 
> RedHat AS4.0 *.BIN linux update packages.
> Now we'll see how well it works in practice...

I don't see what this buys over burning the *.BIN on the CD (other than 
being able to reuse the CD for the next BIOS)?

Also, does the omsa tool automatically select the right BIOS for your 
hardware given a directory with 100 different BIOSes in it?  Or do you 
still need to know which BIOS goes with each piece of hardware?

Does it also automatically handle firmware updates on DRAC, PERC and FC 
adapters?  Or do those also need to be manually updated?



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