BIOS / firmware update CD?

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Wed Dec 27 16:01:35 CST 2006

Seem to have a workable solution for my Gentoo servers. Downloaded &
burned this CentOS 4.3 ISO:
Added forward & reverse entries for hostname "centos" to internal DNS.
Created a DHCP server to serve that one IP address.
Used the autofs /net function to mount an NFS export of the current Dell
RedHat AS4.0 *.BIN linux update packages.
Now we'll see how well it works in practice...


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Does Dell provide anything like HP's "Firmware Update CD"? I haven't
been able to identify one.
For anyone who hasn't seen it, HP's disc works on all their recent
server models. It boots & analyses the system & allows the application
of all BIOS & firmware patches in one operation.
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