IPMItool returns false value on PowerEdge 1950

Senthil_OR at Dell.com Senthil_OR at Dell.com
Mon Dec 25 23:27:21 CST 2006

Halomoan Chow wrote:
> Hi all
> I have used ipmitool-1.8.8. Not helping.
> Maybe I have to add 100 Celcius to this value like this:
> 100 + (-45) = 55 Celcius.
> So 55 is the correct one.

AFAIK, ipmitool and omreport both returns absolute temperature.
Need to figure out where the problem is:

- OMSA on Cent OS 
- ipmitool
- ipmitool + omsa 
- ipmitool + omsa on cent OS.

I would suggest you try the following:
- omreport chassis temps
Does this return negative values??

I assume you have compiled the ipmitool on your machine.
- Uninstall OMSA and use ipmitool to get the temperature values.
- Use the same ipmitool version from a remote machine to get the temp

This might help us figure out where the problem is.


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