SMART capability for PowerEdge 2900.

MANTOVANI ALDO aldo_mantovani at
Fri Dec 22 03:57:27 CST 2006


I have three PE 2900 with RHEL ES 4 U4 installed each with 6 SAS 146GB hd.

I have a problem with smartmontools (is inside kernel-utils package).

The command:
% smartctl -a /dev/sdf
Home page is

Device: DELL    PERC 5/i       Version: 1.00
Device type:  disk
Local Time is:  Thu Dec 21 14:37:47 2006 CET
Device does not support SMART

Error Counter logging not supported
Devive does not support Self Test logging

Have you some answer for my question ?

Thank you in advance.

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