Questions about OMSA SNMP subagent

David Arthur darthur at
Thu Dec 21 16:11:35 CST 2006

Hello all,

In searching through the Dell documentation it is unclear to me what
protocol the Dell SNMP subagent is using (AgentX or SMUX). It appears to me
using Net-SNMP with packet dumps that the Dell subagent is connecting to the
AgentX master agent and sending traps, etc. Can anyone confirm this for me??

Also, if the subagent *is* using AgentX, is there a way to configure it to
use a different socket for this? I see it contacting the master agent on
/var/agentx/master (Unix-domain socket). I would *really* rather use
udp:localhost:705 in my case.

Thanks in advance for you help!
David Arthur
TantaComm Systems

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