Which UPS for two server?

Benoit Plessis b.plessis at doyousoft.com
Thu Dec 21 15:44:15 CST 2006

Alessandro FAGLIA wrote:
>> Buy two APC rack mount units.  Model is your preference of features.  Take
>> one power supply from each server and feed it from the first UPS and take
>> the second power supply from each server and feed them from the second UPS.
> Nice tip, but: if I do so, how am I going to drive the shut-down of 
> servers if batteries are runnign out of power? How can I manage this 
> aspect? In the worst case, the second UPS may fail, the first supplier 
> of a server may fail, and the server finds itself without power... (this 
> can be the n-th Murphy's law!)

I don't understand you problem, you can plug each UPS using serial
connector to one server, and
use NUT network capabilities to keep both server informed of each UPS
state. You only need to configure
the monitoring process to be aware that you run on two ups.


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