PE1950+DRAC5 and Shared mode

Lamont Granquist lamont at
Wed Dec 20 12:10:41 CST 2006

I've got the same question as this post made earlier this month:

Basically I would like to opportunistically setup remote consoles to 
PE1950 boxes that do not have drops to their DRAC5 ports and to do so 
without recabling and dealing with networking.  I'd like to get the basic 
IPMI functionality going on NIC1 rather than the dedicated DRAC port.  As 
far as I can tell I've gotten the remoteacces setup correctly, and I've 
changed the DRAC5 NIC setting to "Shared" (I'm not sure where this setting 
is found in omconfig/omreport, but I did it on the console).  I still 
can't ping and tcpdump reports no ARP reponses to ARP requests for the 
configured IP address on NIC1.  Has anyone managed to get this feature 

# omreport chassis remoteaccess
Remote Access Information

Attribute : BMC Name
Value     : BMC Remote Access Service Point

Attribute : IPMI Version
Value     : 2.0

Attribute : System GUID
Value     : 3143304f-c0c7-3680-4310-004c4c4c4544

Attribute : Number of Possible Active Sessions
Value     : 5

Attribute : Number of Current Active Sessions
Value     : 0

Attribute : LAN Enabled
Value     : Yes

Attribute : SOL Enabled
Value     : Yes

Attribute : IP Address Source
Value     : Static Address

Attribute : IP Address
Value     :

Attribute : IP Subnet
Value     :

Attribute : IP Gateway
Value     :

Attribute : MAC Address
Value     : 00188B3D88AE

Attribute : Product
Value     : Dell Remote Access Controller 5

Attribute : Description
Value     : This system component provides a complete set of remote 
management functions for Dell PowerEdge servers

Attribute : Version
Value     : 1.0 (Build "06.05.12")

Attribute : IP Address
Value     :

Attribute : IP Subnet
Value     :

Attribute : IP Gateway
Value     :

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