fakeraid/dmraid and PowerEdge SC440

Eric Wood eric at interplas.com
Tue Dec 19 18:50:59 CST 2006

Jeff Garzik wrote:
> Even if your BIOS provided a RAID option, the code you would be
> using to store your data is probably tested by 0.0001% of the user
> population.  If that.  Compare that to MD or MD+LVM, which has been
> put through its paces by millions of systems all over the world.
I've been watching the progress here all year - no much:

Unfortunately, currently there's no real urgency to get dmraid going 
>>> But honestly, why bother?  It's all software, so just use the
>>> production-tested Linux software RAID driver (MD).
>> An easy life - I'd rather mirror the whole disk, than faff about  
>> matching partition sizes and mirror individual partitions. Running  

I tend to agree... I can rebuild a mirror in BIOS in my sleep because 
the menu system makes it easy.  I have to really concentrate with MD.

Hopefully, in the future there will be a common dmraid management tool 
that will let you offline/online drives within the OS -  ahem.... if it 
can be done in Windows, then.....

-eric wood

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