Perc 4i PE2800 error

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Tue Dec 19 07:32:27 CST 2006

The 256MB module next to the PCI slots is the memory for the RAID
controller.  Since your system thinks that there is missing RAID hardware,
try reseating the RAID key, (RAID) memory and the RAID battery.

That's where I'd start. if that doesn't work then I guess a call to tech
support may be in order.

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I added 1GB of ram to the server but when I start the system I get

"Warning; Detected missing RAID hardware for the embedded RAID sybsystem
Data loss will occur!

Press (Y) to switch mode to SCSI, press any other key to disable the

Tried removing the new ram but the error stays the same. This  server runs
Centos but it's probably not OS related?

I really don't want to lose the data on those 2 SCSI HD's so all tips are
welcome. I  checked and double checked all cables but nothing seems to got
loose in the prcocess.

I'm also wondering why there's another 256MB module next to the PCI slots?
So not in one the 6 standardl memory banks is that redundant or for the
RAID controller or something like that? Anyway didn't remove it.
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