dell 2650 with perc3/di debian3.1 aacraid driver

Ben Scott dragonhawk at
Mon Dec 18 11:14:13 CST 2006

On 12/18/06, Patrick_Boyd at <Patrick_Boyd at> wrote:
> This type of data loss can occur on any RAID system, so it's just a good
> idea to run consistency checks ...

  Indeed.  The latest PERC cards even have a feature, "Patrol Read",
which will periodically do just that, automatically.  Nice to have.

> ... and also make sure you have a good backup

  Indeed.  Always have good offline backups.  RAID is not a substitute
for backups.  RAID reduces downtime due to disk failure.  It does not
protect data against the myriad other problems that can occur (data
entry errors, accidental deletion, malicious acts, corruption due to
software bugs, natural disasters, etc.).

-- Ben

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