dell 2650 with perc3/di debian3.1 aacraid driver

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Mon Dec 18 09:12:19 CST 2006

Yes, it's recommended for all PERC adapters. 

Personally I do it on all RAID cards. Call it paranoia, but I've seen
too many odd scenarios where you can lose data if you aren't careful.
For example, you have two disks that have bad blocks in different spots,
these bad blocks formed after the RAID card has already written data
there. Now one of the disks dies... Everywhere there was a bad block on
the "good" drive you've just lost data. 
A consistency check would have remapped these bad blocks so that data
loss would not occur on a drive failure.

This type of data loss can occur on any RAID system, so it's just a good
idea to run consistency checks and also make sure you have a good backup
strategy. RAID can recover from a lot of data loss scenarios but there
are some that even the best RAID systems can't recover from. 

Patrick Boyd
Dell Storage Software Engineer

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On 12/15/06, Patrick_Boyd at <Patrick_Boyd at> wrote:
> Dell also recommends running a consistency check on VDs on a regular 
> basis. Usually once every 2 weeks is a good interval. It's just a good

> preventative maintenance measure for just about any RAID volume.
> Patrick Boyd
> Dell Storage Software Engineer
> (512)728-3182

I have not heard this recommendation before.

So do a consistency check within the PERC software every two weeks? Is
this recommended for all PERC adapters?


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