enlarging mirror

Arnar Þórarinsson art at caa.is
Sun Dec 17 12:02:17 CST 2006

Thank you for that useful article Matt :)
But for my situation I'm enlarging a mirror so just to be sure... To
enlarge my mirror I would do:

container reconfigure 0 (0,0,0) (0,1,0) /partition_size=279GB

since (0,0,0) and (0,1,0) are members of the mirror and partition size
279GB ( 211 GB free plus 68GB already used )

correct ? ... not much about this in the documentation for afacli/PERC
and I'm not that used to using afacli


p.s. output from afacli below

AFA0> disk show partition
Executing: disk show partition

Scsi   Partition     Container  MultiLevel
B:ID:L Offset:Size   Num Type   Num Type   R/W
------ ------------- --- ------ --- ------ ---
0:00:0 64.0KB:68.3GB  0  Mirror  0  None   RW
0:01:0 64.0KB:68.3GB  0  Mirror  0  None   RW

AFA0> disk show space
Executing: disk show space

Scsi B:ID:L Usage      Size
----------- ---------- -------------
  0:00:0     Container 64.0KB:68.3GB
  0:00:0     Free      68.3GB: 211GB
  0:01:0     Container 64.0KB:68.3GB
  0:01:0     Free      68.3GB: 211GB

AFA0> container list
Executing: container list
Num          Total  Oth Chunk          Scsi   Partition
Label Type   Size   Ctr Size   Usage   B:ID:L Offset:Size
----- ------ ------ --- ------ ------- ------ -------------
 0    Mirror 68.3GB            Open    0:01:0 64.0KB:68.3GB
 /dev/sda             OS               0:00:0 64.0KB:68.3GB

On Sun, 2006-12-17 at 09:51 -0600, Matt Domsch wrote: 
> > I have a PE 1650 box running redhat 9
> > This box had 2x68GB disks mirrored but was running out of space
> > so I got me two 300GB disks and replaced one of the mirror disk and then
> > the other so now I have 2x300GB disks in the mirror.  Question is, how
> > do I get the OS to see the new space ? do I have to do something more in
> > afacli to be able to use the additional space ?
> It's been awhile since we posted this link, but it has suggestions
> that I think are applicable to both your question and several others
> posted recently.
> http://www.dell.com/content/topics/global.aspx/power/en/ps1q03_michael
> Expanding Storage on Linux-based Servers
> By Matt Domsch and Tesfamariam Michael (February 2003 Dell PowerSolutions)
> In response to growing user demands for storage, system administrators
> frequently must add additional storage space to existing file
> servers. This article describes how to add and configure local storage
> space on a file server running the Red Hat Linux operating system
> (OS). Three scenarios are presented: adding disks without a RAID
> controller, adding disks to a new logical drive on a RAID controller,
> and adding disks to an existing logical drive on a RAID controller.
> Thanks,
> Matt

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