Dell 9G + OMSA 5.1 Debs

Andrew Reid AndrewReid at
Sat Dec 16 13:33:36 CST 2006

A small hint for those Ubuntu users. I have installed Edgy (6.10) AMD 64 
on a PowerEdge 2900. I worked right out of the box.

Thanks to the great work of the folks at, the omsa deb almost 
works as well. I got a small error when the postinst script ran, with 
and error messages like:

Loading kernel modules
[: 212: ia64: unexpected operator
[: 212: x86_64: unexpected operator

and a few lines later

Starting ipmi driver: [: 2551: ==: unexpected operator
[: 2551: ==: unexpected operator
[: 2551: ==: unexpected operator
/etc/init.d/instsvcdrv: 2551: arith: syntax error: "status | ipmistatus"

And some more nags about SECS and shell arithmetic.

It turns out that Edgy desktop (I don't know about server) uses dash as 
the sh replacement, not bash. The init.d scripts gag on this.

The solution is to use:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash

and set bash as the "sh" replacement.

This seems to do the trick and the command line tools are working fine.

Hope this helps someone else.

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