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I'm having significant probs with my collection of 3 SC1430 servers.

KVM switch:
I'm using a Dell keyboard behind a Raritan Switchman USB KVM switch, and
sometimes the BIOS doesn't see a keyboard. After boot, the OS (Debian
etch) does, so the difficulty shows up only at boot and when I'm trying
to install. Plugging the keyboard directly into one of the front panel
USB ports and rebooting gets the keyboard back. And it happens only
sometimes, so I'm assuming there's something going wrong in the BIOS.

SCSI disks:
I want to run these servers with a SCSI system disk and a pair of SATAs
for large data files. I installed an Adaptec card in a PCI slot, but the
machine seems to want to load from one of the SATAs -- not boot, but
load; the BIOS seems to boot from the disk I ask it to. This is all the
doing of the OS, I think -- udev creates 'sda' and sdb' nodes in /dev
for the SATAs, and grub gets confused about what's what. It gets to the
point where it's "Waiting for the root filesystem" and hangs.

Things are fine once they get booted and running, but I haven't been
able to create a grub menu / BIOS configuration that will reliably boot
the system, unattended, after a power failure.

Have any of you seen any of this? And/or know solutions?

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