BIOS / firmware update CD?

Keith krbaker+dpe at
Thu Dec 14 14:40:58 CST 2006

I have to argee with you on this one.

We manualy collect the dell updates and make or own image which contains
all of the recent updates (its a pxe image in fact).  This is not
allways possible (the recent Maxtor SAS firmware update comes to mind).
Its a plain in the neck that each and every update seems to be in a
slightly different form.  In general I am quite happy with my dell
hardware, but I do think they skimp a bit much in this department. 

I want to go to their site once a month, download one .iso (for those
without net boot) or pxe boot image (for those with) per platform and
just reboot my machines and get them fully updated to all of the
firmware relevent to each platform.

On Thu, 2006-12-14 at 11:42 -0800, David Sparks wrote:
> Everyone seems to be missing the point.  Other vendors have a single
> bootable CD that contains BIOS' and firmware for all their hardware.  On
> a single CD!
> Benefits:
> a) you don't splunk the website trying to find firmware updates, they're
> all on the CD.
> b) CD boots, probes hardware and installs firmware through a menu
> system.  No more wondering if you actually downloaded the right/latest
> firmware.
> c) red-headed step child hardware stays up to date along with everything
> else.
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