BIOS / firmware update CD?

Dawn R. Beal drbeal at
Thu Dec 14 14:21:58 CST 2006


I have a Dell PE2300 which I would like to update the BIOS on.  It has
version A05 running, and the version A07 BIOS image for the floppy doesn't
work.  I'd like to update the BIOS to the latest version.  If I use this
method, will it allow me to go from version A05 BIOS to the latest version
(which is currently only available as a windows updater on the dell site -
that's the only option - which won't work bcuz I only have A05)?  I
cannot run PE2300-BIOS-WIN-A14 - I cannot even run and install FIX2000.EXE
and so I am really stuck in Hotel California.

It is unclear to me if I need both a BIOS update and Fix2000.exe to help
this little server to enter into the 21C.  It would be wonderful to do
both just on general principles.

I'd like to wipe the Windows 2003 server and put RH4 ES on this box, or
FC4.  Can someone please give me instructions (for a novice user) on how
to do this update via the linux environment?

I can handle the dos floppy or the option.
I can also make a CD from

What is unclear is this part of the email discussion:
pxeboot MEMDISK with the floppy image as initrd.
Can someone please translate this for me?  A command line example would be



On Thu, 14 Dec 2006, Tom Brown wrote:

> >>From 3 actually; BIOS ESM/BPM & RAID. Which returns to my original point
> > about the merit of a single, self-contained process. For an SA with
> > hundreds of servers to maintain, the "floppy shuffle" is not a 21C
> > solution.
> correct - i was merely suggesting that it can be done without an OS
> running on the box. I have about 4000 boxes to look after so anything
> that can speed up any process is a big help!
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