drac 5 and mozilla on linux nightmare

Brian A. Seklecki bseklecki at collaborativefusion.com
Thu Dec 14 09:52:44 CST 2006

Rob et al:

I'm still waiting to hear back from someone at Dell about incorporating
some major fixes I made to the RAC5VKVM stuff.  I'm starting to feel
neglected.  I'll check for licensing; perhaps I already have permission
to post the diffs.

Hopefully they're stalling because they've completely re-wrote the
pluggin. >:}

There is similar discussion on the Dell Community Forums; some of it
even from IE6 users.

Or maybe they're waiting the Redhat crew to release updated Firefox RPMs
for the Dell-supported RHES versions.  AFAIC, RHEL still only has really
old 1.0.5x versions available for which mozilla isn't releasing security
updates anymore.

Either way, your depcheck.sh fix is one of only a few nasty assumptions
they're making in the code.

Either way, I think they rushed it out to market.  Think about it:

- A plugin that installs a pre-compiled binary compiled and linked for a
  very specific distro/version of Linux, which has to be run as root to
  install it.

. . . . . .


On Tue, 2006-12-05 at 22:22 +0100, Robert Lindgren wrote:
> this to /bin/bash made it possible to install the plugin, the
> depcheck.sh in 
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