Questions about the EMC AX150 and AX150i systems

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unforutnately most of EMC's san products run a stripped down
windows os. only the nas is running on linux. aside from that
though we have clariion cx700s with hpux and linux servers,
qlogic hbas, powerpath, and we have had very few problems. i
love em. we have just started testing with iscsi but it seems
to work well so far.

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>Jehan PROCACCIA wrote:
>> For minotoring,manage, you need a web interface ->
navisphere, the
>> Storage Processors run internally on a dedicated windows
system but it
>> is transparent to us ...
>That answers my question right there... I'm not willing to
bet a large
>unix server farm on a storage device that runs windows.  I've
seen FAR
>to many windows appliances fail.  When will people realize
that windows
>is a poor appliance os...
>Oh well, thanks for the info....
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