how to pull out hard drive on PE2450

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Yes, if you can open the cover panels hot, you can remove the pin hot.
And a diagram is at figure 13 of the "removing and replacing parts" in
the manual:
The bezel on this system was optional, so locking the cover panel with a
pin in the drives was an effective means of keeping somebody from
stealing drives.  Now servers come with lockable bezels by default.


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	man, what's the point of having hot-pluggable if you have to
open the case to even pull it out?   rants aside, can I do it hot?
	On 12/13/06, Sturgis, Grant <Grant.Sturgis at>

		I believe there is locking mechanism.  Look just inside
the case, near
		the backplane, for a metal tab to pull out and remove.
		Worse case, go to and read the manual. 
		Jerry Yu wrote:
		> hi, there,
		> I know this is not a Linux-on-Dell question. I have
two PE2450s in
		> production. Two of the four drive bays on each server
are in use. I need 
		> to replace one bad drive. I couldn't pull out the bad
drive or the empty
		> placeholder casings, on both servers.
		> Is some trick I don't know about this model? I
inherited them which are
		> bought new from Dell long long ago. To be sure, I even
asked a co-lo 
		> engineer to pull it out for me. I am not a newbie on
this: I replaced
		> hot-pluggable drives before, on Sun StorEdge arrays
and on other Dell PE
		> servers.

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