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     On PEx9xx servers, use the serial communication option (serialcomm
) along with external serial option (extserial ) instead of console
redirection option (conred) . The  console redirection options works
slightly different in  PEx9xx servers. This article has a good
explanation on the serial communication options available on the latest
Dell servers -

 You can choose any one of the settings below depending on the
requirements.  Try Case1 if all that is required is to view the console
output  thru  the COM1 port. 
The options in DTK are given below . The DTK CLI guide should have more
information, in case you are interested. 
                       serialcomm = [on | off |  com1cr  |  com2cr ]
                        extserial = [com1 | com2 |   rad  ]
Hope this answers your question. 


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Subject: Re: question on DTK's syscfg
I still didn't get any reply to my question on DTK, whom should I
contact for DTK's support?

All I need is to enable in BIOS the console redirection to serial1 on
PE1950 and 2950.

On 12/6/06, Dmitriy Beloslyudtsev <beloslyu1 at> wrote: 
I'm trying to use Dell Deployment Toolkit ver 2.2.1 for Linux. All I
need is to enable the console redirection to serial1.
On PE2850 and PE1850 I can use syscfg --conred=serial1 so all works OK.
But on PE1950 the --conred flag is not available. What should I use


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