PERC 5/i question

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Tue Dec 12 10:53:53 CST 2006

Something to keep in mind is that you can move from a PERC 5 to any LSI
based controller. 

In addition most of the RAID card manufacturues have standerdized the on
drive structures to allow migration from one controller manufaturer to
another. While it isn't perfect yet, it will eventually neutralize that
advantage of software RAID. 

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Ben Scott wrote:

>   Maybe this scenario affects you, maybe it doesn't, but it's 
> something to be aware of.
> -- Ben

Thanks for the advice.  Seems like the best, and coincidentally easiest,
path is to run hardware raid.  Maybe I'm being a little paranoid, but I
_really_ like that software raid arrays can be moved to different boxes.

  It will probably never happen, but it's nice to know that your data is


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