Questions about the EMC AX150 and AX150i systems

Jehan PROCACCIA Jehan.Procaccia at
Tue Dec 12 04:16:15 CST 2006

Matthew Schumacher wrote:
> I have budgeted for a san next year and want to move away from disks in
> servers and move toward diskless machines.  The plan is to use pxelinux
> to pass a kernel/initrd to the system where it will point to an iscsi
> target and mount it as root.  This will allow me to centralize the
> storage for all of my servers to san.
> That said there are a zillion options to do iscsi and I'm having trouble
> discerning which box to buy.
> One option is to buy the sanrad iscsi controller and plug it into a jbod
>  with fiber channel.  If I did this then I would use the EMC AX150 or a
> nexsan sataboy.
> Another option is to purchase the AX150i and do iscsi natively from it.
> So the question becomes: does anyone have an AX150 or AX150i?  How linux
> friendly are they?  Do they require windows to setup, monitor, or manage
> (I don't have a windows server)?  What about the performance?  Can I use
> raid 1+0 with 8 disks and reasonably get 200mb per second?  What is the
> OS/firmware on these boxes.

I'am not yet familiar with AX150i, but I'am am in the process to plug it 
to our 1950 powerdge server on an intel-pro e1000 giga ethernet. It 
still doesn't work properly
"sdb : READ CAPACITY failed. , Buffer I/O error on device sdb, logical 
block 0 ..." :-(

here's my config:
[root at vesuna iscsi]# cat /etc/redhat-release
Fedora Core release 6 (Zod)
[root at vesuna iscsi]# lsmod | grep iscsi
iscsi_tcp              26945  1
libiscsi               28481  2 ib_iser,iscsi_tcp
scsi_transport_iscsi    31305  4 ib_iser,iscsi_tcp,libiscsi
scsi_mod              138601  7 
[root at vesuna iscsi]# iscsiadm -m node,1

But we'are still discovering the product and are newbee in iscsi world 
... so I would say for now that it is not really linux friendly (perhaps 
better on Redhat !?)

For minotoring,manage, you need a web interface -> navisphere, the 
Storage Processors run internally on a dedicated windows system but it 
is transparent to us ... In terms of performances, I'am not sure about 
what is resaonnable to expect, my actual production AX100 on Fiber 
Channel performs correctly in NFS services , see for details on AX100 on 
redhat 4

Please let me know if someone manage to run an iscsi SAN on Linux Fedora 
(or redhat) , an howto ... ?


> Thanks,
> schu
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