megaraid_sas waiting for command and then offline

Joseph Malicki jmalicki at
Mon Dec 11 23:53:02 CST 2006

Hi Brett!

Thanks for the response, hopefully we can gather enough data points to 
help solve the problem.

The new PERC 5/i integrated firmware dated 11/21/2006 is at:
PERC 5/E adapter:

The release notes describe very similar symptoms, but I am not ready to 
believe it yet as I can't reliably reproduce the problem well enough to 
be confident of a fix, though it sounds like you might be able to.    
Unfortunately we're using Debian at the moment, but if I can reproduce I 
can run on RHEL in a heartbeat to duplicate it for support (for now I'm 
trying to minimize variables).

Also, which driver version are you running?  I noticed you were using 
some patches from Sumant Patro at LSI - is your driver identical to the one 
in 2.6.19?  If not, what does it look like?

Have you noticed any correlations with patrol reads at the times of the 
failures? You can tell by running MegaCli -FwTermLog -Dsply -aALL

What hardware are you running (CPUs, RAM, disk configuration)?

Have you noticed any correlation with heavy network I/O (as well as disk 
I/O)?  Some of our systems may have experienced this when running more 
network load than typical.


Brett G. Durrett wrote:
> I am still seeing this and we have between 2 and 5 failures per week 
> (across almost 20 machines).  I am seeing it on ext3 (we migrated all 
> of the machines from XFS) and with ReadAhead disabled.
> You mention a firmware update but I don't see any new PERC 5 firmware 
> packages on Dell's site... can you give me a pointer to the firmware 
> update?
> Also, has anybody had this problem on RHE?  Dell does not support 
> Linux unless it is RHE... I would be surprised is somehow RHE did not 
> have this problem.
> B-
> Joe Malicki wrote:
>>>  I have the same or a similar issue running 2.6.17 SMP x86_64 - the
>>> megaraid_sas driver hangs waiting for commands and then the filesystem
>>> unmounts, leaving the machine in an unusable state until there is a 
>>> hard
>>> reboot (the machine is responsive but any access, shell or 
>>> otherwise, is
>>> impossible without the filesystem). While I do not have much debugging
>>> information available, this happens to me about once every 6-7 days in
>>> my pool of seven machines, so I can probably get debugging info. Since
>>> the disk is offline and I can't get remote console, I don't have any
>>> details except something similar to Dave Lloyd's post, below.

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