Adding disks to expand raid

Ben Scott dragonhawk at
Mon Dec 11 21:43:29 CST 2006

On 12/11/06, Nicolas Triantafillou <nickt at> wrote:
> I have a poweredge 2850 running Debian (sarge), with 3x 300GB 10k scsi
> disks in raid5 (perc4/dc), and I'm running out of space.
> Is it possible to add disks to the raid and expand one of the partition
> sizes?

  In general, yes.

  Always (ALWAYS) make a complete backup first.

  You add disks to the LD (Logical Drive), and tell the controller to
reconfigure the LD.  The LD expands in place, leaving your data
intact.  The OS just sees the disk get bigger suddenly.  Then you make
the partition bigger, to use the new space on the disk.  Then resize
the filesystem to use the new space in the partition.  You can use
parted for those steps.

  Depending on "stuff", you may need to reboot for the OS to see the
disk space increase.

  I've never tried this on Debian.

  Make a backup first.

-- Ben

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