PERC 5/i question

Matt Richardson marichar at
Mon Dec 11 18:41:46 CST 2006

Well, two questions.  OK, maybe three.

Is there an advantage to running software raid vs hardware raid?

Is it possible to configure a PERC 5/i (in a PE2950) to not act as a 
raid controller?

Last question (for now anyway), anyone have any luck with the Etch 
installer (amd64) on a 2950?

This may be dumb, but I was looking at using software raid (mdadm) with 
lvm2 to run multiple xen guests.  It seems that a good configuration 
would be to have a raid1 /boot and a raid5 with lvm for the rest of the 
filesystems.  This is all new to me as I used hardware raid on my 
previous PEs, no lvm.  However, I like the flexibility lvm offers, 
especially with xen guests.


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