Dell PE 1850 ipmi & dell_rbu kernel module issue

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Mon Dec 11 07:31:42 CST 2006

On Mon, Dec 11, 2006 at 11:40:39AM +0100, Adrian Gajan wrote:
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>    Hi Matt,
>    i've only installed the rpms which are needed to take the neccesary
>    actions (bios&drac flash, set drac passwd, ip, gw and netmask) so I had
>    not installed the whole OMSA software package. I've tryied to use the
>    install script which is provided in the OMSA package, but this didnt work
>    because of the OS recognition (we are using CentOS which is not support by
>    Dell). Anyway, you mentioned, that ipmi has its own copy of initscript,
>    could you please provide information where is it stored or how to remove
>    this?

It's in the OpenIPMI-$version-$release.$arch.rpm (rpm -ql OpenIPMI).
Removing it is as simple as '/sbin/chkconfig ipmi off' or 'rpm -e OpenIPMI'.

>    One other question relating the dell_rbu kernel module:
>    there is no record of dell_rbu in /etc/modprobe.conf and the module is
>    loading at the boot - > same thing like ipmi?

That's loaded automatically by the Dell Update Package for BIOS when
it's run, or can be manually loaded.  There's no initscript or other
autoloading mechanism for it.  I need to look at having firmware-tools
load it at runtime too, right now that just warns when it's not


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