perc2/dc and CentOS/RHEL4

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Sun Dec 10 00:38:41 CST 2006

if i go linux software raid, can i still use the hot-swap drives?

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On Sat, Dec 09, 2006 at 05:16:24PM -0600, Gerard Louviere wrote:
> i'm attempting to do a boot-from-cdrom install of CentOS 4.4 (RHEL4 
> comp/2.6
> kernel) onto a PowerEdge 2400.
> it's complains that the Perc2/DC (megaraid_mbox driver) controller, in the
> pe2400, is no longer supported (as well as Dell and LSI).
> anyone know of a work-around, or a way i can compile my own drivers to 
> use?
> or... alternately... which Perc controllers would work in the pe2400?

For systems of that vintage, our recommendation is to use Linux
software RAID on disks attached to the onboard Adaptec SCSI
controllers (aic7xxx driver).  CentOS 4.4 can create software RAID
arrays at install time quite nicely.  I ran this config with Fedora on
my last PE2400 for several years before finally upgrading to newer hardware.


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