perc2/dc and CentOS/RHEL4

J. Epperson linux-poweredge at
Sat Dec 9 21:20:18 CST 2006

On Sat, December 9, 2006 21:14, Adam Williams wrote:
> Out of curiosity, is there anything wrong with the PERC2/DC other then
> not being Dell/LSI supported?  I have a PE2400 (no longer in service)
> but it runs fine with drives on the 2/DC.  I don't understand why CentOS
> won't install on it because its unsupported.  I mean, there is plenty of
> ancient hardware with kernel drivers/kernel developer support even
> though a manufacturer may no longer manufacture/support that hardware.

I think Matt Domsch can answer that more cogently as to exactly where and
why the upstream decisions have been taken, but it's definitely upstream
of Centos.  I have a vague, possibly incorrect, understanding that the
legacy megaraid driver code doesn't play well with the Common Management
Module interfaces, and it's just gotten to be too much to keep it all
duct-taped together in the later distributions, probably particularly so
now that it would have to co-exist with both megaraid_mbox _and_

Nothing wrong with it, it's just kind of like keeping a '59 Mercury
running in Havana.

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