perc2/dc and CentOS/RHEL4

Adam Williams awilliam at
Sat Dec 9 20:14:27 CST 2006

Out of curiosity, is there anything wrong with the PERC2/DC other then 
not being Dell/LSI supported?  I have a PE2400 (no longer in service) 
but it runs fine with drives on the 2/DC.  I don't understand why CentOS 
won't install on it because its unsupported.  I mean, there is plenty of 
ancient hardware with kernel drivers/kernel developer support even 
though a manufacturer may no longer manufacture/support that hardware.

Matt Domsch wrote:
> For systems of that vintage, our recommendation is to use Linux
> software RAID on disks attached to the onboard Adaptec SCSI
> controllers (aic7xxx driver).  CentOS 4.4 can create software RAID
> arrays at install time quite nicely.  I ran this config with Fedora on
> my last PE2400 for several years before finally upgrading to newer hardware.
> Thanks,
> Matt

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