[SOLVED] Debian Sarge (2.6.16-2-686-smp), PE1800, dellmgr, Failed to open driver node /dev/megadev0

Jérémie Tarot j.tarot at derma-developpement.com
Tue Dec 5 05:00:45 CST 2006

Hi all,

Just dropping a note that may be interesting for others too.
This morning I received new drives to set up in my servers but when I 
wanted to launch the dellmgr, it complained that /dev/megadev0 didn't exist.

I went to check on another server where I added HDDs few weeks ago 
without any trouble (but not without extensive searching and reading 
from every corners of the Internet, specially this list which is the 
definitive source, thank you all !). There, surprise ! Dellmgr doesn't 
launch anymore... no more /dev/megadev0 !

Looking at the script that launch dellmgr.bin, reading the man for 
mknod, it seemed problematic to me that:

# grep megadev /proc/devices|awk '{print $1}'

253 corresponding to megadev_legacy and 254 to megadev

So I just added the "-w" option to grep in the script so that it only 
match on "megadev":

# grep -w megadev /proc/devices|awk '{print $1}'

Everything's working now. By the way, any hint about why the script used 
to work and suddenly failed ? (seems like megadev_legacy wasn't ther 
before and so didn't confused the script)


Jérémie Tarot
Derma Développement - Service Informatique
Le Plan du Saule - 84570 Mormoiron - France
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