(2850) Maxtor drive inside, Seagate replacement shipped...

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Wed Dec 6 13:03:15 CST 2006

At Wed, 6 Dec 2006 it looks like Patrick_Boyd at Dell.com composed:

> I'd also recommend running a consitancy check. It might fix the problem
> or atleast further highlight the bad drive. 
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> Install Dellmgr and you have in Objects/Physical Drive .. some stats
> data for each . Right now I have Dellmgr-5.31-0.i386.rpm installed
> catamus

Thanks, got some information and it seems that Dell shipped us a
"Seagate-Cheetah-15K.4" drive and the utility "dellmgr" reports our 2850
as shipped has a "MAXTOR" drive.

I know Seagate purchased Maxtor so I'm trying to connect the dots as to
whether the drive inside that is bad has a Seagate label as the one
shipped "but" has MAXTOR firmware as to reveal to the utility "dellmgr"
that it's a MAXTOR drive.

Don't want to pull this server down till I can confirm this.

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