Want to configure IPMI on 1950 machines.

Harald_Jensas at Dell.com Harald_Jensas at Dell.com
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> Subject: Want to configure IPMI on 1950 machines.
> Hi ,
> I am working on a 2.4.x kernel and Dell 1950 servers. 
> I have IPMI support included in kernel.
> I want access the IPMI over lan. 
> Please tell me if I need to have any setting done for that. !!

You need to configre the BMC, press CTRL+E during startup to enter the BMC configuration utility.
(You can also configure it using OMSA.)

> I want to know if I can use the lanplus or lan interfaces.
> Do I need to run any server process on the Machine.  ?

IPMI over lan does not need any kernel modules, or service running.

> I have a requirement In which I need to power cycle / restart 
> the machine from a network interface . 
> Or May be check the general status of the machine.
> Can I do this using ipmitool or ipmish ...  ?

Yes, ipmitool and ipmish can do this.

> I heard the I can do this using IPMI.
> Please guide ?

Suggest you have a look at the User Guide for answers:

Harald Jensås

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