drac 5 and mozilla on linux nightmare

Nicola_Worthington at McAfee.com Nicola_Worthington at McAfee.com
Wed Dec 6 04:38:14 CST 2006

This is what Dell have said to me about the Firefox plugins:

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...you need to install the plugin as root. The easiest way is to open
the .xpi file in Firefox running as root, either by browsing to the DRAC
to by opening the pre-downloaded file from the local filesystem.
Information on how to download and pre-install the plugin is

It does mention in this link that the second step 'Plugin Installation'
has to be done as root, however this is the case. 
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They explicitly do not support firefox 1.5 because they noticed bugs
with the latest DRACs under that browser version and "didn't have time
to fix it before release". There is a newer version of the DRAC firmware
due out next year that is supposed to be Firefox 2 friendly.

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> Hi All,
> I'm having some trouble getting the console redirect working. 
> Well some trouble is a understatement but....
> I'm on Firefox 1.5, but it's impossible to install the 
> plugin, even in a local ~/ version of firefox.
> Any hints are welcome.
> I've read that Mozilla 1.7.8 and later is OK but only FF 
> 1.0.7? How is that?
> BR
> Robert Lindgren
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