drac 5 and mozilla on linux nightmare

Robert Lindgren r at orcafat.com
Tue Dec 5 15:22:55 CST 2006

To be fair, I must tell you all that I now have solved my little problems and 
have Console Redirection working even in FF 2.0.

The main problem was that ubuntu (my client) uses dash for /bin/sh. Changing 
this to /bin/bash made it possible to install the plugin, the depcheck.sh in 
the rac5vkvm.xpi failed with syntax errors when using dash.

After this little change it was possible to use the console redirection 
without any problem in ff 1.0.8, and 2.0. This is: from tgz version 
fetched from mozilla.com. So that one avoids the problem of installing stuff 
in unwriteable directories. 


On Tuesday 05 December 2006 19:54, Robert Lindgren wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm having some trouble getting the console redirect working. Well some
> trouble is a understatement but....
> I'm on Firefox 1.5, but it's impossible to install the plugin, even in a
> local ~/ version of firefox.
> Any hints are welcome.
> I've read that Mozilla 1.7.8 and later is OK but only FF 1.0.7? How is
> that?
> BR
> Robert Lindgren
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