Performance Tuning Recommendations for a RHEL 4 NFS Fileserver

Wiktor Wodecki wiktor.wodecki at
Sat Dec 2 07:18:48 CST 2006

Robert Becker Cope wrote:
> "Stephen John Smoogen" <smooge at> wrote:
>>> From what I can tell on other Linux mailling lists, you will want to
>> avoid LVM/LVM2 as a subfilesystem on the partition you are exporting.
>> Instead use a direct ext3 partition on this hardware. Also making
> Is there any logical reason for this? If so, what is it?

sure, there will be 3 less layers between the data and the VFS-Subsystem
in the kernel :-)
This will give you indeed some performance boost, but I think the
disadvantages of not using lvm2 counterveil it. Unless you are pretty
damn sure that you will never have to grow your filesystem and that you
can exchange the underlying raid disks without moving the data / risking
a downtime you can omit LVM.
I also think that the performance penalty of using LVM will not harm you
as much as a badly designed raid, slow disks or wrong export/mount


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