RAID tools for SAS5iR

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> Subject: RAID tools for SAS5iR
> Hi All,
> I have reciently recieved a PowerEdge 860 with SAS5iR RAID controller.
> I have two disks in the machine (SATA) under RAID-1.
> What I can figure out is what tools I need to use to monitor 
> the disks!
> What I do know is the contoller uses the SAS1068 chipset, and 
> hence is supported under linux using the "mptsas" driver.  I 
> have looked at to see if 
> there was anything usefull there; but alas the SAS5iR is not 
> mentioned (or is it a PERCxxx under another name?).  Under 
> the SAS section (althought the disks are SATA the controller 
> is SAS) and there is a link to LSI's website.
> egaraid_sas/megaraid_sas_8480e/index.html?remote=1&locale
> Unfortunatly I cannot figure out what LSI product my Dell 
> badged product relates to...  (Perhaps next time I will just 
> use software RAID and be done with it, anway...)
> Does any one else have a dell with a SAS5iR controller and 
> know what set of utils I need to use to monitor it?
> Thanks in advance
>   Dave
> PS.  If anyone from Dell is listening in, perhaps you could 
> call out the SAS5iR explicitly on your linux support page!
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In the user Guide for SAS 5i/R you will find a table displaying SAS 5/iR Features:

Storage management software:
	SAS 5/iR Adapter    - OpenManage Storage Services, SAS RAID Storage Manager
	SAS 5/iR Integrated - OpenManage Storage Services, SAS RAID Storage Manager

Install OpenManage Server Administrator. It came on a CD with your server, or you can download it from

Server Administrator

You probably want to apply this update after installing OMSA 5.1:

Harald Jensås

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