NIC1, DRAC5 and Shared mode

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> Subject: NIC1, DRAC5 and Shared mode
> Hi All,
> I am the proud admin of two healthy bouncing 1950s and am 
> trying to make the DRAC5s in them do something (seemingly) a 
> little complex.
> Basically I want NIC1 to be connected to my internal network 
> and NIC2 connected to the Web. No problems there once you 
> read the docco regarding the "NICs are swapped in RHEL4" document.
> As NIC1 is connected to my internal network, and I have set 
> my DRAC5 to "Shared" and have given it an internal network 
> address, I expected to be able to access its services from 
> the internal network without an extra cable to the switch. As 
> it turns out, I can't see it. I can't ping it, ssh to it, 
> http to it, nothing. Even from the machine that it is plugged 
> into. Actually I don't get IP to it in any way shape or form. 
> And there is no way to check that I have layer 2 as far as I 
> can tell. The OMSA and DSET stuff tells me that the DRAC is 
> installed and happy.
> I have checked my routing and as the internal network is 
> plugged into eth0 and eth0 is NIC1, it should work. I have 
> also flushed all my iptables and set the policy on the 
> default chains to ACCEPT. I know the DRAC works because when 
> I put it in "Dedicated" mode and attach the Web connecton to 
> its dedicated NIC, everything works wonderfully.
> I have a call open with Dell support and their reading of the 
> DRAC docco suggests to them that this will only work if NIC1 
> and NIC2 are teamed. I can see how they might think that from 
> the text, as it talks a lot about teaming, but I doubt that 
> is correct.
> So, after all that, the questions:
> 1. Does the DRAC5 "Shared" NIC config work if you don't team 
> NIC1 and NIC2?
> 2. If I have my internal network plugged into NIC1 and I 
> allocate the DRAC an internal address, and put it in "Shared" 
> mode, should I be able to see it on the internal network via 
> it piggybacking on to NIC1?
> 3. As far as you can see, am I doing anything woefully stupid 
> in this config?
> Thanks for your help,
> Dean.

Did you enable IPMI over Lan in the BMC/DRAC config?

The way I understand the documentation:

1. Access the DRAC web interface. (Only available through the DRAC NIC port.)
2. Telnet Console.  (Only available through the DRAC NIC port.)
3. RACADM. (Remote via -r through DRAC NIC, or locally.)
4. SSH Interface. (Same as Telnet, just encrypted.)
5. IPMI Interface - Provides access through the DRAC 5 to the remote system's basic management features. The interface includes IPMI over LAN, IPMI over Serial, and Serial over LAN. (Available trough server NIC.)

 Through the server NIC you have IPMI capabilities only. To access DRAC only features you have to connect through the DRAC NIC.

Harald Jensås

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