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Stephen John Smoogen smooge at
Sat Apr 29 20:02:33 CDT 2006

On 4/29/06, David <wb8foz at> wrote:
> >Take the other advice and use software RAID.  They're decent SCSI cards.
> I've had painful experiences with software RAID; hence my
> interest in the HW flavor. I like the fact it will boot &
> run even with a dead drive; and it swaps in a hot spare.

>From my experience with these cards and getting them to work with
modern Linux.. you will save money buying a newer set of cards from
Dell than trying to get them to work. Basically all the nightmares
that can happen with Software raid can occur with the older megaraid
driver (what do you mean I dont have any raid partitions anymore?)

> Speed is not a big issue in this case.
> Thanks for the driver warning.
> If I can get them talking; I suppose I also need to get
> the MegaMgr or similar package working to monitor the
> array.
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